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When I decided to develop my first one man show I knew I wanted to perform it first at the Lyric. I’ve seen many unexpected and inspiring shows there. It seems a natural home for creative playful performance, and it’s a wonderful, atmospheric building.

I’ve taken part in a number of clowning, improv and other workshops at the Lyric, as well as rehearsals for Flea! The Ukulele Opera – all of which have given me crucial confidence and skills for performance.

Niki’s encouragement and advice has been amazing. Being able to rehearse at The Lyric made the show possible, and performing there was a joy. As a new performer looking to take the show further afield, there’s a lot that feels like a bit of a secret world; advice and support from the Lyric has been invaluable in demystifying it and making the next steps possible.”

John Butler, 2024

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