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Our theater company is based in New York City. When Niki saw the very first performance of our physical comedy/clown show “TiVo La Resistance!” she invited us to come perform the show at the Lyric Theater in Bridport. WHAT A JOY those 2 weeks in Bridport were! It seemed that the entire town welcomed our little band of 3 NYC clowns. The staff at the Lyric were all dedicated creative professionals and an absolute blast to spend time with. The locals were all so welcoming and lovely to us. Oh, and that wonderful space! Our work is very site specific, so every detail of the Lyric was worked into our show…from the lovely velvet wallpaper to the constant calls of the seabirds outside. There’s a mystery to that space…and a warmth. We loved every performance and the parties that followed. Truly our time at the Lyric was among the best days we have spent together as a troupe. We’d come back in an instant! It’s one of a kind!

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