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The Lyric has been in community use for all of its life and is lively place for the arts: 

  • presenting shows,
  • running a puppet club,
  • offering masterclasses,
  • creating a space for youth theatre,
  • supporting artists - amateur and professional, local and international - to create their work,
  • providing a base for Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company who make productions for families,
  • running a cosy coffee shop,
  • offering work experience placements to young people with professional theatre makers,
  • bringing in interesting and challenging performances from across the globe,
  • linking with other venues to support the arts
  • ...and being a wonderful and rare hub for the creation process of live performance.

Our mission is to make the performing arts as accessible as possible, to inspire creativity in all ages and to continue to be a place where people can learn, participate and instigate ideas. The Lyric is run as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) called 'Friends of the Lyric Theatre' which means that any money raised is ring-fenced for its charitable and community aims. 

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Our 'Let There Be Light' fundraising campaign (video above) was in July 2015 to reinstate the windows in the auditorium (facing Rax Lane). Thanks to the enormous generosity of the community and artists who have been through the building, the campaign was hugely successful and raised £14,000 in total towards the restoration of the huge windows in the auditorium that are such an important feature of this historic, much-loved, Grade II listed building in the heart of Bridport. 

The boarded up windows made the building appear sad and unloved - quite the opposite of what is going on inside! The original arched windows would have made the space so beautiful as well as doing what windows should - let in light and keep the rain and wind out! We were absolutely thrilled the moment they were installed in autumn 2018, bringing this building back to its former glory and flooding it with light and warmth. 

We are hugely grateful for the donations to this campaign. Thank you very much to everyone who donated!

Look out for phase 2 of the fundraising campaign, to tackle the decrepit Barrack Street facing windows... coming soon!

A big THANK YOU from the Lyric team!



Previous fundraising

In September 2010, we were able to purchase this amazing old building to save it from developers and to reinstate it as the majestic theatre it's meant to be. We made a video for our online fundraising campaign on that, along with the amazing support of A LOT of generous people, helped us raise over £11,000 for the theatre in 3 months ending on 12 Nov 2011. This money helped us make the building safe and keep it open to the public! We were given 6 months to make essential repairs to the building and to install a new fire alarm system in order to stay open.

The Lyric became registered as a Community Interest Company in January 2013 - in recognition of its support for the community and events for people to participate in. Now called Friends of the Lyric CIC, it also means it's easy to donate if you would like to contribute to the activities that take place or towards improving the building.

How can YOU help The Lyric? 

We are an unfunded community organisation and are continually trying to rennovate the building. Many people donate more than once, or become regualar benefactors. Please do feel free to donate to help our cause. We would be hugely grateful for any help you can give us! At the moment we are particularly looking for help in these areas: 

Stewards - To help us out on performance nights

Ambassadors - To help spread the Lyric love - e.g. poster/flyer distribution, sharing our Facebook posts, talking to potential donors.

Practical People - To help us fix, hang, paint or drill stuff - local business please help and we can get you in the paper!

Donors - To help us raise money towards the running and improvement costs of the Lyric. This could be a one-off donation or a more regular gift.

Please contact us on for ways to donate/help or send us a cheque (payable to Friends of the Lyric CIC) to The Lyric Theatre, 9 Barrack St, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3LX. If you would like to discuss a large donation please email us at and we can arrange a meeting time.

Thank you so much for your support - let's keep The Lyric, the home to so many amazing memories, open for years to come!

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